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Red Design New Office | Transit to a warehouse into an urban gem in Shanghai

Red Design was established in Shanghai and in 2017 celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Design is our lifelong passion: as well as creating innovative spaces for our esteemed clients it was our goal for 2017 to create a unique environment for our team in Shanghai. The new space would be a home for Red Design’s 30 architects and interior designers, enabling our creative talents to continue to thrive for the next ten years.

We sought out a new home in the central historical area at Tianzifang, a standalone warehouse building with charming characters, neighbors and beautiful surroundings. The ancient structure of the space was exposed and with the new insertions our objective was to create a space with comfort and harmony. We insisted on using environmentally friendly materials: timber is the majority, glass and concrete as a secondary base; brass, leather and nature fabric bring softness and tactility to the space.

Ultimately, we wish our colleagues, friends and visitors to experience a healthy, natural environment; as comfortable as home. With this objective in mind we provided relaxed communal spaces and integrated intelligent facilities such as water purifiers, air purifiers, and microclimate planting design.