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Red Design and MATZFORM bring the colours of California to Highline

In 2016, Red Design was surfing the California wave throughout the year. At ‘Highline’, Red Design bring mid-century California vibes to Shanghai, including in the vivid colour of the furniture throughout the space.  This furniture was designed in collaboration with MatzForm, a Danish-run, Shanghai-based furniture company.

Highline’s interior takes cues from the mid-century design language of Eero Saarinen and Frank Lloyd Wright, interpreting organic forms of natural stone to transform the space into an urban gem. Given the influence of Danish furniture on this era, MatzForm’s furniture is perfectly embedded in this design ideology.

The MatzForm approach offers a customizable service using imported and locally available woods, loving hand sanded to a silky softness then finished and polished to a soft glow. At Highline, walnut and oak frames combine with upholstery in a Californian palette of orange, greenery, nude and sand fabric and leather.

The combination of the refined spatial design and comfortable lounge furniture enable the customer to enjoy the California scenery in Shanghai: a stunning sunrise and sunset can be experienced on the elevated terrace overlooking Huaihai Park. Although Soren Matz, the founder of MatzForm, says “in our generation, we never dine in low seats”, the generation of young influencers that visit Highline have adapted to this new way of dining, creating a new restaurant paradigm in Shanghai.

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