Red Design have been supporting PizzaExpress / Pizza Marzano with their rapid growth in China since 2011, created a continually evolving design language for the store interiors.

Our designs reference the brand heritage, the provenence and authenticity of the ingredients and the millenial market in China.  The result is series of spaces which, while each is unique, carry the thread of the PizzaExpress identity.

To date we have completed more than 20 restaurants throughout China.  We have also created a design guideline book to enable wider expansion of the brand in future years.


Throughout China


2011 to date

Lead Designer | Matthew Lemar
Designers | Alin Liu, Chris Cai, Delphine Bousseau, Iris Guo,  Lily Yuan, Lital Lee Doron, Michelle Sun,  Nicolo Giuntoli, Rachel Zhu, Sherry Shen, Trista Tang, Winnie Zeng, Xiaowei Zhou, Xin Liu


Brandon McGhee