Restaurant, Lifestyle

+PINK is a new South-East Asian restaurant brand, launched in Beijing in 2024.  The brand aims to use culinary experiences to activate an enthusiasm for life, appealing to a young Gen Z demographic with a dining space which offers a futuristic interpretation of South-East Asian style.

The brand is most evidently represented in the restaurant colour scheme: a range of soft pink and terracotta tones bring a consistent warm tonality to the space.  Layered on to this base palette of warm-hued materials are a series of elements inspired by repurposed industrial components.  This is first experienced at the façade, where a series of heavy-duty ratchet straps are used to support an iconic LED signage system.  This language of repurposed elements continues inside with a unique rotating wall graphic, inspired by advertising boards but with the mechanism exposed to guests.  +PINK’s theme of recycling and reuse is also evident in the metal details used throughout the space in furniture and lighting: junctions and fixtures are expressed while the use of polished stainless steel gives a futuristic touch.


Beijing, China



Seth Powers