Baan Hinta And Baan Hinya

Lifestyle, Hospitality

Zekkei Properties selected Red Design to provide full architectural and interior design services for a new resort development on a prime beachfront site on Koh Samui.

The site was challenging: a series of granite boulders cascading down to the beach.  The resort was deftly arranged around these boulders with living and entertainment spaces (and infinity pools) on the upper levels, maximising views over the Gulf of Thailand, and more private sleeping accommodation below, opening onto the beach.

The two villas, Ban Hinta and Ban Hinya, have set a new benchmark for architecture and interior creations on Samui and are among the most in-demand accommodation on the island.


Koh Samui, Thailand



Lead Designer | Matthew Lemar
Designers | Denny Lu, Nancy Jiang