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T8 is featured on 安邸AD Magazine No.83

T8 is published in the June 2017 issue of 安邸AD magazine.

T8 is a Shanghai dining institution, a pioneering fine dining restaurant with over 15 years history voted one of the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants.

Among the original tenants of Shanghai Xintiandi, T8 brought in the legendary design talent Jaya Ibrahim and Wonderwall to design each floor of the two storey lane house, creating an award-winning venue loved for its pioneering design and innovative fusion cuisine.

Red Design was handed the next and possibly the most daunting challenge in the evolution of T8: redesigning the venue for a new modern mall location, maintaining the charm and heritage of the original location while expanding the restaurants appeal to a younger, more fashion conscious customer.

Intelligent repurposing of the original fixtures and finishes, combined with an innovative lighting design and integrated terrace solution, results in a venue which offers a dining experience in a space which is both familiar and fresh.

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